The PB Collective is a platform for information, inspiration, education and a resource to become empowered and active in the restorative and progressive work of the Black community. There is an old adage “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Our goal is to “go far” – as a unified body of people – in bringing solutions to the issues/challenges that have afflicted our communities for so long. In order for any community to flourish it must be unified, self-serving, conscious, economically cohesive and have a deliberate strategy for sustaining themselves and thriving. Herein lies our work!


 Lets Buy Black365 is  a website/directory of Black businesses. When Black families commit to opening and spending money with businesses in our community, this is economic activism and is critical in aiding Black communities to becoming affluent, self-sustaining and economically empowered. You can use the service or become a contributor/supporter. For more information or  if you’re interested in becoming active in changing the dynamics of Black economics click here.
4707338612_d0436b84b7_zThe journey of self-love and acceptance is very complex, depending on how you were (or are) raised. The term “love the skin you’re in” is very cliché! Yet, a very necessary statement for so many. This should be the constant /consistent message we convey to our daughters (and sons) daily. We are wonderfully and uniquely designed, and societies standards of beauty is not the yardstick that we as people should measure our own beauty by.

What I will say is our daughters need to see us in our natural state as often as possible. I don’t have anything against anyone who wears fake hair, nails, lashes, eyes etc., And I don’t necessarily think that everyone that wears those things is because they want to be white (although I feel quite a bit do!). I will say this though… if you are always wearing these things; you can’t go a few months wearing your natural hair, or being in your natural state — I would say there is some deep self hate there. How can we want our children to love themselves if we don’t demonstrate loving who we naturally are?


Source: | Photo Credits: Flickr Commons, LetsBuyBlack 365


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